How To Save Money In Your Business, Reduce Headaches on HR Management and Increase Worker Productivity ...

Here are several ways PEOs offer outsourcing services for:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance Claims and Benefits
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims
  • Payroll Services and Taxes
  • Day-to-Day Administrative Duties
  • Health Insurance and Benefits
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Illinois State Law Compliance
  • HR Consulting

Services offered are tailor-made to meet your unique business needs.  You don't have to get the entire package that the PEO firm is offering.

With the challenging business environment today, outsourcing is a growing trend.  A professional employers organization or PEO company understands what is needed to run a business efficiently in today’s competitive environment.  PEO companies are experienced in all aspects of human resources outsourcing taking care of a wide range of back office tasks such as HR consulting, recruiting, and payroll processing.  Non-revenue generating chores such as clerical duties take up a lot of time.  Business owners need to concentrate on the core competencies while leaving the human resource and administrative details to experts who can manage these different areas.  If you want to lift your company’s productivity, consider hiring the right professional employers organization to ensure continued success. 

Benefits YOU Will Experience In Your Business:

  • Reduced overhead costs significantly through relief from the burden of HR administration
  • Maintain employer relationships with employees by letting the PEO company contractually assume certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk
  • Reduced liability through improved employment practices, compliance and risk management
  • Save costs through collectively-shared comprehensive employee benefits packages
  • Lift productivity and profitability through effective HR management
  • Increased profitability from having time to go after new accounts or grow existing ones

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